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Careers FAQs

Thank you for considering an opportunity with TELUS! We’re a people-first, customer-first, purpose-driven team who is committed to going further to make the future friendly for everyone.

That’s a big reason why this page exists – we understand that going through a hiring process can be stressful, and we want to help you feel confident and empowered throughout it. Take some time to browse through the FAQs below to see answers to some very common questions.

Your questions answered

Candidate Profiles

Click "Create/View Profile", scroll to the bottom and click "Create an Account". Fill in all required fields, read and accept "Terms of Use", then click "Create Account".

Yes. But to be clear, your contact email and your login email are two different things. You can change your contact email using the steps below but you cannot change your login email.

  • You can update your contact email in the “Profile Information” section after you log in. All email correspondences for future applications will be sent to the updated contact email address.

  • If you have any job applications in progress prior to this change, please also update your email address in each application in the “Jobs Applied” section of your profile.

  • Important: This website does not support Apple email addresses such as icloud.com, me.com or mac.com. Please use an alternate email address.

  • Changing your contact email will not change your login email address. You will still need to log in with the original email address you registered with.

Sign in to your profile and click on the arrow to expand the section you want to edit. When you’re finished updating your information, click “Save”

You need a candidate profile before signing up for a job alert. See "How do I create a candidate profile?" for details.

  • If you already have a candidate profile, sign into your profile and click “Options” > “Job Alerts”, then click on the green button “Create New Job Alert”. Enter a keyword and/or location. Click “Preview Alert”. Enter how frequently you would like to receive the alert (e.g. send me alerts every 7 days), and then click “Create Alert”.
  • To sign up for a job alert by job category, click on "Job by Category", and select a category (e.g. “Health”) from the dropdown to view all jobs in that category. Type in how frequently you would like to receive the alert (e.g. send me alerts every 7 days) and then click "Create Alert".

Sign in to your profile and click “Options” > “Job Alerts”. Click on the trash can icon to unsubscribe to existing job alerts.

Click “Create/View Profile” and then “Forgot your password?”. Follow the prompts and you’ll receive an email with instructions to reset your password.

Sign in to your candidate profile and click on the arrow to expand the section called “Search Options and Privacy”. Click on “Data Privacy Statement” and a window will appear where you can review or revoke your consent. Please note that if you revoke your consent, you will be withdrawn from consideration for all applications you may have made.