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Developer Experience Engineer (Platform Developer) | TELUS Digital


Toronto, ON, CA Winnipeg, MB, CA Brandon, MB, CA Edmonton, AB, CA Calgary, AB, CA Vancouver, British Columbia, CA Victoria, British Columbia, CA Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CA Ottawa, ON, CA Saskatoon, SK, CA Regina, SK, CA

Req ID:  28401
Jobs by Category:  Digital
Job Function:  Engineering & Development
Status:  Full Time
Schedule:  Regular



Who we are

We believe that Developer Experience (DX) is one of the strongest predictors of organizational performance. Our goal is to help developers ship sooner, safer and happier by bringing focus, flow and joy to their working lives. It's our privilege to partner with developers across the entire software development lifecycle to help transform what they think, feel and value about their work. We move big rocks, pave commonly travelled roads, build helpful products/tools and gather insightful metrics. Most importantly, we listen closely to and advocate for our internal developer community.


As the DX team, we work at the intersection of Platform Engineering, Experience Design, and Developer Relations. We create practical developer tools and best practices, easy-to-use development environments, healthy codebases, empowered automated testing and frictionless releases.


We work primarily in the Node/Javascript ecosystem, servicing hundreds of microservices, SPAs and micro-frontends. Our work is informed by the hundreds of developers who use our products and is guided by leading research in DevOps, SRE, Developer Productivity and Developer Satisfaction.


We strive to lead by example and are committed to work-life balance, individual well-being, flexible working hours, reasonable paid-on-call duties, on-the-job learning, customer-led product development and pragmatic programming.


What you’ll do

As a Developer Experience Engineer, you'll create and communicate everything we need to enable great developer experiences. We operate as a Platform Team:


  • 50% Platform Engineering
  • 25% Developer Relations
  • 25% Embedded DX Enablement


We measure DX across multiple dimensions and prioritize the most impactful initiatives. Our team is also conscious of how these initiatives impact longer-term strategic performance through metrics like DORA (Lead Time for Changes, Deployment Frequency, Change Failure Rate and Time to Restore Service) and the SPACE Framework


You'll spend much of your time contributing to longer-term objectives as part of a team of Platform Developers. Our strategic initiatives are:


  • Establishing core Developer Experience, Software Delivery and Operational metrics
  • Enhancing our Continuous Delivery capabilities (Highly-optimized CI/CD Pipelines, tooling and best practices for Feature Toggles, Full-stack Review Environments, Automated Canary Releases)
  • Developing tooling for large-scale automated code rollouts and migrations


You'll also spend part of your time embedded in stream-aligned teams, where you'll seek to understand and document barriers to DX and then work with teams to improve them.

While embedded on teams, you will:


  • Work closely with the team to understand their challenges and points of friction
  • Document findings using Developer Journey Maps and Developer Friction Audits
  • Help solve challenges as an individual contributor (code, documentation, process, etc.)
  • Advocate for addressing significant hurdles and shared challenges in the Platform Engineering backlog and initiating cross-team working groups


You'll also play an active role in Developer Relations. You'll engage our community on Slack and in-person by:


  • Raising awareness of our projects and initiatives
  • Sharing technical inspirations and knowledge
  • Helping developers find the resources they need
  • Participating in technical discussions and working groups
  • Collecting and soliciting feedback from developers
  • Evaluating developer sentiment on key initiatives


We are committed to balancing flow with community engagement, so you'll influence what that looks like for yourself.





Who we are looking for


  • Someone who is excited about improving the working lives of developers and understands the conditions in which they thrive
  • A community builder who listens to and empowers others
  • A strong technical generalist capable of working across the stack end-to-end to enable developers
  • Expert understanding of contemporary development practices and tooling
  • Collaborative technical leader with full-stack experience who enjoys regularly getting their work into the hands of developers
  • A compelling written and verbal communicator
  • Ability to lead technical discussions through great technical story-telling
  • Solid understanding of the nature of software development and ability to advocate for practices which improve developer well-being and effectiveness
  • Enthusiasm for learning and sharing new technologies
  • Ability to work collaboratively within teams, working groups and across large organizations
  • Experience mentoring and growing other developers
  • A pragmatic mindset and ability to design solutions within constraints
  • Someone who can design, build and ship independently when needed
  • Ability to work in a remote-first environment — we’re aiming for async, but we’ll need your help to get there


Nice to haves


  • Experience with the Javascript/TypeScript ecosystem
  • Experience with Frontend Development practices and tooling (React/Redux, Webpack, NEXTJs, etc.)
  • Experience with API architectures and tooling (Express, Fastify, NestJs, etc.)
  • Experience with CI/CD tooling (Jenkins, Github Actions, Cloud Build, Cloud Deploy, ArgoCD etc.)
  • Experience with Linux/Command-line
  • Experience with Observability/Telemetry tooling and practices (New Relic, Dynatrace, OpenTelemetry)
  • Experience with Containers (Docker) and Kubernetes (Google Cloud Platform GKE, Openshift 4 Dedicated)
  • Experience with Vault, Terraform and Consul
  • Experience with Developer Relations or Developer Advocacy
  • Experience with Security tooling (SCA, SAST, DAST, IAST, RASP)

What your first year will look like


  • Week one -- Monday, meet the team and your onboarding partner. Spend the rest of the week learning about our tools, capabilities and practices while keeping an onboarding friction journal. Every Friday is dedicated to self-directed professional development, so use your time to explore something that's piqued your interest.
  • Month one -- You'll spend your first month getting up to speed with the help of your onboarding partner. You'll also go over your onboarding friction journal with the team, who can help identify what point of friction you can help alleviate as part of your first contribution.
  • Month three -- You'll be working from the team's backlog by your third month. You'll also spend this time getting to know our developer community by setting up informal introductions and learning more about what other teams are making.
  • Month six -- Now that you are comfortable working from the backlog, it's time to learn how we collaborate across teams. This month you'll join your first working group along with another member of our team, where you'll learn about a shared challenge and how you might contribute. You'll also be playing a more prominent role in engaging our developer community on Slack.
  • Month nine and beyond -- By now, you should have a solid understanding of what it's like to work at TELUS Digital and some of the most impactful challenges to tackle. This month you'll start your first DX enablement rotation by embedding with another team. As this is your first rotation, you'll also pair with someone on our team to help set you up in the right way. Once you've completed your rotation, you'll rejoin our team and begin to tackle one of the challenges you uncovered during your embed.



A bit about us

We’re a people-first, customer-first, purpose-driven team who works together every day to innovate and do good. We improve lives through our technology solutions and foster a culture of innovation that empowers team members to solve complex problems and create remarkable human outcomes in a digital world. When you join our team, you’re helping us make the future friendly.

We’re committed to diversity and equitable access to employment opportunities based on ability—your unique contributions and talents will be valued and respected here.

The health and safety of our team, customers and communities is paramount to TELUS. Accordingly, we require anyone joining our team to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.






Diverse teams lead the way to innovation. Leveraging different perspectives, experiences and ways of thinking allows us to deliver better insights, decisions, and solutions. Embracing our individuality, and leveraging diversity of thought is an important part of the amazing culture we have built at TELUS Digital.

We are honoured to be recognized

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TELUS is proud to foster an inclusive culture that embraces diversity. We are committed to fair employment practices and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment.

We offer accommodation for applicants with disabilities, as required, during the recruitment process.